Community Manager Challenge

Please write a short paragraph on how you would solve each of the three questions below:

  1. You manage the FoondaMate inbox which receives over 500 emails per day, from parents, teachers, students and other community members. These emails come from multiple countries, in multiple languages. What systems would you put in place to make sure every person who emails gets a quality response?
  2. You have a community with 1M+ members. What process would you follow to build a social graph for this community?
  3. How would you go about empowering power-users in the FoondaMate community to share the product with more people?

The response need not be more than 1 page. It is not intended to be a comprehensive test of your abilities, but just to help us understand how you approach problems.

Once you have completed the challenge, please send it to work@foondamate.com.