Brand and Product Marketer Challenge

As a Brand and Product Marketer, you will need to be able to demonstrate your ability to create and execute successful marketing campaigns. To showcase your skills, we would like you to create a digital marketing campaign that targets a specific audience and achieves measurable results.

Here are the details of the challenge:

  1. Choose a product or service that you believe would be of interest to a specific target audience. Your audience should be well-defined and based on research, with specific demographic and psychographic characteristics.
  2. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that includes specific objectives, target audience, messaging, creative elements, and distribution channels. Your plan should demonstrate an understanding of the most effective marketing channels for reaching your target audience and should be based on data-driven insights.
  3. Create engaging content that resonates with your target audience, this can be social media posts, email newsletters, blog posts, or other relevant content. Your content should be tailored to your audience and should be designed to achieve specific goals.
  4. Say what digital tracking tools you would use to monitor and analyse the performance of your marketing campaigns and what key metrics you would measure.
  5. Finally, present your marketing campaign to our team, including the objectives, target audience, messaging, creative elements, distribution channels. To do this, please record an unlisted YouTube video or Loom and email your materials to work@foondamate.com. We look forward to seeing your creativity and strategic thinking in action!

Deadline: 20, March, 2023 at 23:59